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      Dot matrix printerMarket changes, domestic manufacturers to seek new development
      Dot matrix printerMarket changes, domestic manufacturers to seek new development


      Dot matrix printer is a bank window, post office window, hospital window and other industries is indispensable one of the automated office equipment,efficient printing replication efficiency,suitable for a variety of continuous or single note printing,the dot matrix printer always has its own unique market share.Although the past few years, by the thermal printer, laser printer market impact,but the dot matrix printer with the purchase cost is cheap, low cost and other characteristics of supplies,for the large amount of print tasks, copy the number of pages of the industry is still the first choice.


      Window printing needs large domestic and foreign manufacturers have grab the market
      Dot matrix printer supplies low cost, long life,can achieve multi-layer copy printing,for hospitals, banks, post offices, lottery, insurance, catering and other industries for the needle printer is an essential product,not only can quickly handle the printing of complex documents,improve service efficiency,but also easy to achieve multi-print service,this is the other printer can not match the advantages,window printing needs increase,will undoubtedly bring more business opportunities,competition between manufacturers is also more intense.

      The domestic printer market has long been occupied by foreign HP, OKI, Epson, Samsung and other brands,but in recent years with the domestic printer manufacturers Lenovo, Fukun,SNBC and other breakthrough in the core technology,domestic brands gradually opened the market,although with the foreign printing giants have a certain gap,but the domestic printer industry will undoubtedly drive the enthusiasm of manufacturers.At the same time, in the face of domestic demand diversification of the market,domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced new products to seize the market,layout future market development.


      Domestic brand manufacturers to seize new opportunities   Seek new development
      2016 domestic and international economic situation is sluggish,but the overall domestic printer market demand and there is no signs of decline,the printer market continues to grow steadily,the fundamental reason is that the promotion of different industries to promote the needs of users.Domestic manufacturers for the needs of different industries also introduced a variety of products.Such as: FUKUN FK-7645A dot matrix printer, SNBC BTP-H3000, Lenovo DP620 and so on.

      It is understood that,FUKUN company launched this FK-7645A dot matrix printer,apply to invoice printing,with automatic rotation function,can be the second joint invoice automatically rewind.And support two-color printing,optional picker automatic feeding function;198 characters / sec High speed printing,support a variety of international languages;support to single prompt function,compatible with ESC / POS print command;communication interface optional parallel port, serial port, USB, Ethernet;support advanced OPOS applications;support different density bitmap and download graphics print,support for printer status monitoring and other functions,suitable for different industry bill printing services,in the domestic market popular market consumption favored.

      Faced with increasingly fierce market competition,domestic printer manufacturers want to seek new development,in addition to product technology continue to seek a breakthrough,it should also be combined with the new needs of different industries in China,for specific markets, consumer groups to launch different products to promote their own market expansion.On the current domestic market situation,foreign manufacturers still occupy the market share,domestic manufacturers will also face more impact,into the 2016 domestic printer manufacturers have a longer way to go.


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